“You can pretend to be serious; you can’t pretend to be witty.” – Sacha Guitry

  • Uncompressed/uncompressable time

    February of 2021 saw an epic winter storm in the Pacific Northwest. There was a lot of snow, but more than that, there was a lot of ice. I was one of the many who lost power for several days, in an apartment where everything runs on electricity. I was fortunate to have a tiny… Read more

  • The importance of low culture

    How do we make art in a violent time? (Is there any time that isn’t?) How do we make art that says something meaningful about the human experience while eschewing didacticism and heavy-handedness? What is the role of spirituality in art? What is the role of feminism? Modernism had an enormous push away from meaning… Read more

  • Comfort is wherever you are

    A few years back when I worked in tech support, a coworker came to my desk to discuss a project. When she came over and looked at my desk, she paused. She really looked at it, and commented on how I had adorned it (plants, a jar of colored pencils, maps, an illustration of birds’… Read more